Sure, you can find pretty much everything on the internet these days, but sometimes you are in the shop or have an idea while you are not able to get on the computer. That's when having a physical catalog in your hand is a nice thing to have.

So here's a list of some companies that offer free catalogs that might be of some use to all the woodworkers out there.

Outwater Plastics Catalog

Outwater Plastics Catalog - Offers a huge array of products to help any woodworker. They have many different catalogs for various niches as well.



 Rockler Woodworking Catalog

Woodcraft Catalog Woodcraft Free Catalog

Adams Wood Products CatalogAdams Wood Products Catalog - Offers manufactured wooden components

 Lee Valley Catalog Lee Valley Woodworking Catalog - High-quality hand tools and woodworking supplies


Garrett Wade Woodworking Supply Garrett Wade Free Tool Catalog. Similar to Lee Valley